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"A must-read for every educator"

- Cynthia Nagrath, The International Educator 

Mindful Teacher, Mindful School: Improving wellbeing in teaching and learning

by Kevin Hawkins

co-founder of Mindwell

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Kevin Hawkins 

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Thanks to all the participants

in the AMIKI training in Zurich.

It was a privilege working with you!

Understanding how our mind, body and emotions work is a crucial 21st century life skill and we aim to support and empower schools in bringing greater attention to the value 

and benefits of the affective aspects of learning in their school communities.

What the heck, Tech?

It’s no secret that many of us these days struggle with distraction and compulsion related to phone, computer and social media use. How can we support our students (and ourselves!) in best dealing with these critical issues of attention and self-regulation? In this workshop, we explore both a theoretical understanding of  media use and some practical ways that mindful awareness can help students and teachers learn to ‘pull back’, unplug and reconnect with ourselves and each other.

New Workshop!

We live in an age where busy-ness and being switched on 24/7 are the norm but also in an age where depression is set to become the most common disease worldwide and where concerns about the mental health of young people are endemic.  In order to be successful and resilient in this age of distraction, we need to cultivate attention, self-awareness and emotional regulation.

Mindfulness Based Wellbeing
We help schools develop a more mindful culture – one that engages the heart as well as the head, in a holistic approach to wellbeing in teaching and learning.  MindWell supports school communities with integrating mindfulness training and social and emotional learning into the curriculum and daily life in order to cultivate sound mind, body, and heart.

We believe in the power and potential of educators, so teacher self-care is at the centre of our approach.

Our trainings help teachers to:

Be mindful
Teach mindfully
Teach mindfulness


Using evidence-based mindfulness techniques– and integrating our experience as teachers, coaches, professionals, and parents– we customize programs for schools and offer workshops and training for teachers, students, leadership teams and parents.


“One of the very best PD experiences our staff has had in recent years.”

Andrew Cross - Head of School, International School of Hamburg

“Kevin and Amy provided us with a perfect leading the school year. It is slightly counterintuitive to take time to focus on oneself in the busy lead up to the school year, however, beginning in a mindful state of calm is precisely ‘what (the preventative medicine) the doctor ordered’. They have a very authentic approach to sowing the seeds of a mindful school within our faculty and it has been incredible to watch them grow throughout the year!”

Jeremy House - Deputy Head (Pastoral), St. Gilgen International School


“Peace of mind remains nearly out of reach with the extraordinary amount of noise and distraction that is simply a part of our current lives. Focus and connection become more necessary but out of reach.  Amy and Kevin brought a stillness, kindness and focus to ELMLE for the past 5 years and changed the conversation in many international schools throughout Europe with their Mindfulness workshops.  Their work with students and teachers remain the pathway away from stress and anxiety in schools to allow a different social, emotional and academic connection.”

Derek Harwell – Association for the Advancement of International Education & President, European League of Middle Level Educators (ELMLE)


“We need more of this – from Administrators to the Business Department through to classroom teachers - the whole village needs to be given the opportunity to hear these presentations.”

Participant, International School Counsellors Association Conference




Mindfulness in Schools Project ​

.b ("dot be") - curriculum for ages 11-18

Paws b - curriculum for ages 7-11

.b Foundations - 8 week course for educators


Stressed Teens

by Gina Biegel

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T)

Still Quiet Place

by Dr. Amy Saltzman

Mindfulness curriculum for K-12

CARE for Teachers

Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education

Evidence-based retreat training for educators

At MindWell we are certified to teach: