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Dates confirmed for OUR SIGNATURE COURSE in 2024!


‘Be Mindful,

Teach Mindfully,

Teach Mindfulness’

After decades of teaching and leading in schools around the world, and over 14 years of training students, parents, teachers and school leaders in mindfulness and SEL, Amy & Kevin are pleased to offer this immersive, LIVE training course for educators around the world. 

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We are happy to offer a range of workshops and presentations for your staff. Please note that, in consultation with your school, our aim is to determine what best suits the needs of your community and create presentations/workshops accordingly. 


An Introduction to Mindfulness in Education: Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness

Start Where you Are: Developing Teacher Presence

Mindful Teacher, Mindful School

Mindfulness Based Social and Emotional Learning: Engaging the Heart in Learning

Contemplative and Contemporary Approaches to Career Counselling

Shifting the Focus: Emerging Directions in 21st Century Learning

Wellbeing and Mindfulness for School Leaders

What the heck, tech? A practical application of mindful awareness training

Retreats for Educators - customize

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