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An Introduction to Mindfulness in Education:

"Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness"

An Introduction to Mindfulness in Education

“Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness”

We live in an age where busy-ness and being switched on 24/7 are the norm but also in an age where depression is set to become the most common disease worldwide and where concerns about the mental health of young people are endemic.  


In order to be successful and resilient in this age of distraction, we need to cultivate attention, self-awareness and emotional regulation.

There is now considerable and compelling evidence that training in mindfulness is a very effective way of alleviating stress, anxiety and depression as well as promoting wellbeing and flourishing.


This experiential workshop will use the most relevant research and practice in mindfulness and social-emotional learning to explore how training in these areas can enhance teaching and learning. There will be an introduction to mindfulness curricula currently being used in elementary and secondary schools and participants will learn some simple strategies that can be applied in and out of the classroom.


The key to successful mindfulness education in schools is the recognition of the importance of teacher self-care. If we want to help our children develop the skills they will need for a fruitful, balanced life, it is important that we are able to cultivate these capacities in ourselves. Developing our own self-awareness can help us connect more authentically with our students, manage our stress more effectively, and make teaching more enjoyable.

Using the 3 aspects of mindfulness in education - Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness - this workshop will explore how mindfulness based wellbeing can provide a foundation for a flourishing school community.

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