Our signature course is coming to you again this September!

'Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness'

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This was by far the best (online) training I've ever taken part in! I could not fault it with anything.
It was spot on.

I participated in 2 more online trainings during this course and there was absolutely no comparison in the delivery. You paced it perfectly, I loved how we started and ended the course, you gave us plenty of time away from the screen.

I felt really looked after and included at the same time, all contributions were valued and shared, slides were so helpful in helping us remain focused.

Calling all educators! 

We are so thrilled to bring our signature course to you - a culmination of our journeys into mindfulness in education. We want to share it with other educators because we know what a profound impact this kind of exploration had on our own personal and professional lives. Through our immersive course, delivered by us and designed with joy, we want to let you know that EVERYONE can be a Mindful Teacher. We created it to support you in that journey. 


~Amy Burke and Kevin Hawkins

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September 2022 course details



Week 1: Sept. 24 - 25

Week 2: Oct. 15 - 16

Week 3: Nov. 19 - 20 

*Please note: If one of these weekends doesn't work for you, let us know and we can record it for you!


On all three weekends 

the course will take place 9am - 3pm Eastern Time (New York City)


36 hours of live training.

One weekend per month over 3 months.


The course is taught interactive and live, online through Zoom.

What's included?

36 hours of immersive teaching

A wide range of resources and practical ideas that support your personal practice and teaching

Pdfs of all the presentations we use in the course for your reference

Detailed examples of awareness practices, scripts and lesson plans that you can draw from in your teaching and your practice.

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'Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness'


Course fees