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Educator's Retreat

no experience necessary


Join us online on March 5th

from 10am-4pm (Central European Time)



*mindfulness practice*

*tips for teaching mindfully*

Suggested fee €49*

*We want to ensure that this retreat is accessible to all

If you cannot pay the full price, please contribute what you can

It's often said that mindfulness is simple to understand but not necessarily easy to remember to do. Making the time for ourselves is sometimes the hardest part, however, practicing together can help us get over this hurdle.

During our time together we will:

- Guide you in various practices to nourish and renew 

- Explore mindful listening and speaking 

- Engage in reflective journaling

- Share our different experiences and challenges 

- Develop strategies to support our self-care even in a busy school day

By taking these steps together we can support our journey in learning to

Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully and Teach Mindfulness.


Register here:

Thank you for registering!

We will be in contact soon about payment methods.

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