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What People Say about
Amy & Kevin's online courses:

 I am thrilled how it is possible to create and feel such a feeling via the screen, via an online seminar. This is a great achievement by Amy and Kevin and by all participants and group members. What great people I was able to meet there. 

The intensive seminar with Amy and Kevin was wonderful!

I was able to take away many inspiring tips, exercises and experiences.

Amy and Kevin appealed to me very much. The topics were informative and also touching, tangible and thought-provoking .

I felt comfortable with them.

They made regular and sufficient breaks and gave us as much

space as possible.

They were responsive to our questions and got back to us promptly with answers and materials, which was great.

Although there were many windows on the screen, because there were many participants, I had the feeling that they saw and noticed us, every person counted. That felt good!

I was a little afraid of the days in front of the screen. This was completely unfounded! Yes, it was tiring to spend so much time sitting at the computer and looking at the small windows....but the joy and positive feelings outweighed this effort.

I was sceptical beforehand about whether the content would come across so well via Zoom, but I was pleasantly surprised!

I thought the seminar was great! 

Amy and Kevin presented the

content very well and

offered many great exercises.


Train with Amy and Kevin!

After decades of teaching and leading in schools

around the world, and over 14 years of

training students, parents, teachers and

school leaders in mindfulness and SEL,

Amy Burke and Kevin Hawkins

now offer educators their

signature LIVE online course:


'Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness’


This master-class course provides you with the practical skills and teaching resources to establish a solid foundation in each of the three core aspects of mindfulness in education and to promote wellbeing in your school community.


36 hours of live training

One weekend per month over 3 months, plus 2 small-group sessions.

Book cover.png
Book 2 Final Cover.jpg

Dates and Times

Please be aware of the time zone...

Dates and Times

Fall Course 2022

Sept. 24-25, Oct. 15-16, Nov. 19-20, 

Saturdays 9am - 3pm

Sundays 9am - 3pm

Eastern Time (New York City)


Fully-inclusive course fee: €475

($525USD, $669CAD)

Early Bird Special! €425

($469USD, $599CAD)

Register before May 31, 2022

Please note that we would like to make our course accessible to all. We are open to providing a sliding scale based on your circumstance. Please contact

For group rates and courses tailored for your school or teaching team please contact us: 

MindWell Course Registration

September 24-25, October 15-16, November 19-20, 2022

Saturdays 9am-3pm, Sundays 9am-3pm

Eastern Time (New York City)


To register please fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon about payment options.

Course Content

Be Mindful


This weekend will have a retreat-like feel as we take the time to slow down, connect with each other and reflect on how ‘being mindful’ forms the core foundation of Awareness-based wellbeing in schools.


  • Big Picture - Why is this work so necessary?

  • Self-care for educators - nurturing mental health and emotional balance

  • Cultivating and deepening personal practice

  • Creating community - building relationships 

  • Developing social-emotional competencies 

  • Exploring how being mindful impacts classroom teaching

Teach Mindfully


This weekend will focus on one of the key benefits of mindfulness in education as we explore, through practical activities, how developing our ability to be more present can have a significant impact on our teaching, and on our students’ learning.


  • Playing with Presence - cultivating embodied teaching

  • Optimizing the learning environment

  • Enhancing enjoyment and connection

  • Individual student attunement

  • Weaving mindful awareness into the school day

  • Emotional regulation - for students and adults 

Teach Mindfulness


This final weekend draws on all the elements of mindfulness in education as we fill our toolkits with a variety of resources, activities and approaches to bringing mindful awareness training to our students, classrooms and whole school communities.


  • Developmentally appropriate lesson plans and activities for all students (4-18 years)

  • ‘Seasoning the Day’ with mindful awareness

  • Supporting Social-Emotional Learning

  • Teaching Tips - common challenges and pedagogical guidance

  • Mindful awareness across the curriculum, including sports and performance, SEN, Counseling and Leadership

  • Implementation - understanding systems change and developing awareness-based wellbeing in your school

Frequently Asked Questions:


I don't have any experience teaching mindfulness to young people. Will this course help me?

Yes! We have spent a lot of time developing this course to ensure that participants feel comfortable and confident when it comes time for them to deliver this to their students. By starting with Being Mindful ourselves, we are building a strong foundation from which all our teaching can flourish.

How is the course taught?

The course is taught live, online through Zoom. We will provide you with a link a few days before the course starts. We will use presentations, reflections, pair and group work, discussions, mindful awareness practices and also provide opportunities to try out leading others in awareness practices and activities.


It seems like a lot of time on the computer. Does the training really work through the screen?

Yes! We have found that we can provide a real sense of connection and community even in this online environment. We use Zoom for our training and while we know that Zoom Fatigue is a real thing we will offer lots of body breaks and times away from the screen throughout the training days. Many participants have told us that they experienced a good balance of movement, practice, small groups and individual reflection, even online. See the testimonials to hear from past participants. 

'I'm not a teacher... is this course for me?'

If you are interested in wellbeing in education through mindfulness and social and emotional learning, then this course is for you!  While the focus is how classroom teachers can bring these skills to themselves and their classrooms, administrators, school counselors, school nurses and parents can certainly gain practical skills for themselves and their young people through this course. 

Is the training for a specific age group?

The Teach Mindfulness weekend training covers training to teach the ages of 4 -18 years old - Early Years through Secondary. Though the exercises and practices we share are age-appropriate, you will see that many of the exercises and practices are adaptable for other age groups. We look at what our intentions are for the practices as a way to help guide the educator to choose which practice is appropriate for their age and stage of students. 


I've never meditated and I don't know anything about mindfulness. I'm worried that I'll be lost...

If you are a beginner, you are more than welcome on our course! The participants who join have a variety of experience and we will all learn from each other. The course is designed to be accessible and of practical benefit to people who already have a practice, as well as those who are just getting started. 


Do I have to buy the books for this course?

It is not mandatory to purchase both our books for participation in this course. We will provide you with the necessary excerpts for training purposes, however, you will find a wealth of information in them that will support your journey of bringing mindfulness to your classroom and school community so we do recommend having them. We also provide a discount for both books for course participants.

What certification will I receive?

We provide an electronic certificate of completion that will state you have engaged in 36 hours of training to equip you to both practice and teach mindfulness to school students.

I already have a mindfulness practice. Do I need to attend the first weekend?

Yes! If you have already established your own personal practice, that is a wonderful starting point for this course and you will be able to draw on your experience from Day 1. The course is designed to be accessible and of practical benefit to people who already have a practice, as well as those who are just getting started. The primary focus of the first weekend is teacher wellbeing and as well as exploring together various ways to further develop personal practice and bring it into our teaching, we will also use these first two days to establish the community that will support you throughout and beyond this training. 


What if there is a session I can't attend?

While the course is designed for live participation, we understand that sometimes there are circumstances which may cause you to miss some time. With prior arrangement, we can record the relevant sessions - though not the breakout groups - and send them to you if you have to miss something. 


What resources will you provide? 

We provide you with:

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